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Want to Slim and Healthy Eating despite Rice? Here's How

Cerita Ilya - More recently, experts released the results of research on how to cook rice, which can cut the calorie content in a number of very significant. Rice can be regarded as the life of many nations. Ninety percent of Asians make rice as a staple food. So also in the Caribbean, only difference, they mix the rice with beans. In the United States, some people also eat rice in moderate amounts.

Rice popular because it can be combined with a variety of side dishes and vegetables, the price is also relatively inexpensive. But, like most starchy foods, rice filled with carbohydrates. Excessive consumption of white rice, mentioned something to do with an increased risk of diabetes. One cup of cooked rice contains approximately 200 calories, mostly in the form of flour inside the body processed into sugar and, if unused, stored as fat.

The good news, there is now a new way of cooking rice that can cut calories by 50%. An undergraduate student at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka together tutor recently found a way to cook rice are healthier, which cut the number of calories in a boiled rice. Not only that, the way they cook also offers some other healthy benefits.

"The way we cook the rice is almost the same as the way you guys. Boil water, before entering the rice, we add the coconut oil as much as 3% of the weight of the rice to be boiled," said Sudhair James when presenting his findings at the event National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in mid-March 2015. "Once ripe, refrigerate for 12 hours. Done."

To understand how rice and coconut oil can cut the amount of calories so much, you should learn a little bit about the chemistry of food. Not all are created equal flour. There is a powder that is easily digested, there are not easy to digest. Flour easily digestible, easily converted into glucose and then into glycogen in the body. The remainder of the unused glycogen gets stored as fat especially in the abdominal region.

While the flour that is not easy to digest, is not converted into glucose or glycogen because our body does not have enough capacity to it. This means fewer calories are also produced by flour that are difficult to digest. "If you can reduce the amount of easily digested starch contained in a food, you reduce the amount of calories," said Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajah, a professor who becomes the supervisor in this research.

"Coconut oil interacts with the starch in the rice, so that the composition of the compounds in the rice paddies. In this case the change is easy cernanya amount of flour," said James. "Cooling process helps drive the conversion of starch. The result is a rice that is healthier, even when you heat it back." Findings duet students and professors received praise from many circles and featured in various major media in Western countries. They consider this finding is very important, considering the number of dangerous diseases that arise as a result of excessive calorie consumption patterns. "With a better method, we will make the rice calorie reduced by 60%," said James, who applauded scientists congress participants. James Bravo!

Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Nyeri Otot dan Nyeri Sendi

Nyeri Otot dan Nyeri Sendi - Sakit myalgia atau otot yang boleh dihubungi adalah satu keadaan di mana agensi merasakan Achy, antara sukan yang boleh menyebabkan badan merengang terlalu banyak. Myalgia yang ketiadaan kecederaan ini selalunya disebabkan oleh jangkitan daripada virus ini. Sekurang-kurangnya kebanyakan orang pasti pernah mengalami myalgia sekali atau dua kali dalam hidupnya. Myalgia bermaksud "sakit otot" dan boleh berlaku di mana-mana kumpulan otot. Myalgia boleh disebabkan akibat terseliuh, melimpah otot, ataupun disebabkan oleh gaya hidup yang kurang aktif. Walau bagaimanapun, myalgia juga boleh menjadi tanda penyakit-penyakit berjangkit seperti selsema kepada yang lebih serius seperti penyakit Lyme. Sakit hromyalgia myalgia.

Sementara sakit sendi atau Osteoartritis adalah satu keadaan di mana sendi merasa sakit akibat keradangan ringan yang timbul disebabkan oleh geseran hujung tulang merangka sendi. Osteoartritis terdiri daripada utama Osteoartritis, juga dikenali sebagai degeneratif arthritis atau penyakit degenerative bersama, dan Osteoartritis sekunder yang disebabkan oleh trauma atau kecederaan tropism. Dalam sendi, rangkaian tulang rawan yang biasa dipanggil dengan nama biasanya tutup hujung tulang merangka sendi. Lapisan cecair yang dipanggil bendalir sinovia terletak di antara tulang dan tindakan sebagai bahan pelincir yang menghalang hujung tulang rub terhadap satu sama lain dan mengikis antara satu sama lain. Kekurangan bendalir sinovia mengenai keadaan lapisan rawan yang menutup hujung tulang akan gosok terhadap satu sama lain. Geseran akan menjadikan lapisan semakin nipis dan akan akhirnya menimbulkan kesakitan.

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